Simple running-outfit guidelines for any temp

1) 20 degree rule: Dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer, so when your body heats up during your run, you won’t have to disrobe in public.

2) Mind the wind: Decrease that 20-degree adjustment by one degree for every m.p.h. of wind. Thus, if it’s 35 degrees, with a steady 5 m.p.h. wind, dress for 50 degrees; if it’s a gusty 35 degrees out with a 20 m.p.h. wind, dress for 35 degrees.

3) 57 degrees is the ideal running temp. With no wind. And no sun. Make of the most of those moments.

4) Goudy Rule. From Mr. John Goudy’s 1981 10th grade World Civilizations class at Lenape High School, Medford, NJ.¬†Over 32 degrees: wear shorts. Under 32 degrees: wear sweatpants. The thick cotton ones that were the only ones available in 1981.