Victoria’s (Other) Secret


You might think that in 2016, after nearly forty years doing business, Victoria wouldn’t have any secrets left. Hold on to your over-priced skivvies, friends, because I’m about to drop a run-changing bit of knowledge.

The other secret is the pretty excellent line of activewear the brand has been ramping up promotion for over the last year. And I’m not just taking sport bras, I’m talking functional and pretty darn affordable T’s, tanks, shorts, tights, and outerwear for just about any athletic occasion.

Now, I was skeptical when I first saw VS pushing athletic apparel, but they got me in the store with a “buy a sport bra ($20-30), get a free ($65) sport pant” promo, and I’ve been a fan ever since. There are the expected frivolous and not-that-practical options (looking at you, high-neck mesh-top sport bra), but I have seriously loved all of the more basic options that have made their way into my wardrobe. The real trick is never paying full price for anything (c’mon, there’s always a sale or a coupon out there in this digital age)—that is, unless you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of star-spangled shorts to try to win a Fourth of July photo contest among friends.


Disclaimer: 90% of the material these clothes are made of is some shade of neon, and people are going to notice when your star-spangled or highlighter-yellow rear end goes flying past.

Danielle Prielipp lives and runs in New York City.