Tips to Battle the Cold

1. Two words: Hot. Hands. Buy them in bulk so they don’t feel like a luxury, use them any time the temp dips below 35. I used to reserve them for long runs, but now I will bust them out for a chilly 3 miler then slip them into my coat pockets for the commute to work. I can’t believe I didn’t start doing this years ago.

2. Be strategic. Everyone has those body parts that, if bundled, keep the rest of the body toasty warm. For me, it’s my hands and ears. If I have a fleecy headband and the aforementioned Hot Hands, I can play fast and loose with my leg and torso layers.

3. Wool. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Definitely wool socks. But you should also consider a merino wool shirt, the best base layer in the world. Wicks away moisture yet never feels clammy and still insulates even when wet. Just read this article and see if you don’t agree. It has the science behind the lack of stink. And it also surveys a range of offerings. My friend already swears by his new SmartWool 150 top.

4. Watch that ice! You think you’re being super careful of that mysterious black ice. Girl, we all do. Watch yo’self. Whether it’s stealthily spread across the sidewalk on fifth ave or cleverly hidden in those dark northwest corners of Central Park, we’ve all fallen victim . . . literally.

5. ‎Run with a bud. The influence of running with a friend—especially in the cold—cannot be understated. Running with Ellen is what gets me out of bed and onto the sidewalk hands down every morning. And furthermore, it’s what keeps me going—3, 5, even 10-20 miles later.