Runbuddies Near and Far

Our shaky on-the-move shot from the Manhattan Bridge during this week's run to work

Kelly: As someone who has never really embraced the perks of a running buddy until auspiciously meeting my solemate Ellen a couple years ago, I can fully understand the appeal of solo runs. Paces don’t always match up, people take hills much differently, some wear headphones and some don’t—the list goes on and on. I think that’s part of why Ellen and I were so surprised (read: honored) when our friend Daddio started running home to Brooklyn with us a couple nights a month. He’s much faster than us, a much more experienced runner, a full-fledged dad with real life responsibilities and kids and what not. It’s a wonder he’s willing to slow it down to run with a couple of giggly, chatty, twenty-somethings in our prime time of slap-happiness.

In the dog days of summer, we trade our runs home for runs TO work, in favor of lower temps and less direct sunlight (and beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge at dawn). It was really exciting when we realized we could use the gym to do this without heading into work drenched in sweat, but it was even more exciting when Daddio decided to make the summer switch up with us.

Ellen: Coordinating a run to work is much more difficult than coordinating a run home. Although Kelly and I now live six minutes apart, the three of us lived in three very separate neighborhoods of Brooklyn when this experiment began. So meeting up in a timely fashion requires not only the fortitude to resist that extra snooze but also the cooperation of NYC public transit. Whereas, last fall/winter/spring when we ran home from the work, all we had to do was don our running gear and take the elevator down to the lobby of our office building.

Now these are just the complications Kelly and I face. She lives alone and I have the chillest roommate alive. But Daddio? Daddio is an ADULT. With not one but two kids at home. So occasionally we’ll get a text in the wee hours of the morning explaining that future runners 1 & 2 kept him up too late to make it to our 6:45 a.m. meet up.

K: Totally fair. It’s completely amazing that he even makes it out to meet us at 6:45. Ever.

Well, these last few weeks, Daddio has been on vacation. Somehow, Ellen and I haven’t been able to get a grip on his having been out of town for so long (despite liking almost every Instagram photo of his superhero little ones), and alas, we have been incessantly emailing him each week to request his presence on our morning runs.

E: We’re full of wishful thinking and keep assuming that he’s back. So, this week when we (assuming that he was once again in NYC) emailed him with a run-to-work request we were a little startled by his answer:

“Can’t run w/ you in morning. Busy.”

In short, we freaked out.

We both had the same reaction: OH MY GOD DADDIO HATES US!


K: We panicked. We panicked a lot. We’d finally done it, we’d been too needy, and Daddio had clearly decided that the best way to deal with that is to deliver the cold truth, straight up. We can take it. (Sniffle.) We’re all adults here. (Sob.)

E: But then! Lo and behold, Kelly discovered a hidden gem in Daddio’s email. Whilst conveying our tale of woe to a (non-running) coworker, Kelly re-opened the email and saw…

Vacation Pic

K: Daddio was busy this week, all right. Busy soaking up the sun and running in exotic locales.


E: I guess that’s what we get for checking our email at 4:45am . . .

kelly and ellen are running besties getting in as much quality time (with each other, with the gym, with their running shoes, etc.) as possible.