hey skinny

In recovery from Sunday’s NYC Marathon, Daddio hit the weights this morning for the first time in an age.

He worked his way from one end of the gym to the other, starting on various machines and torture devices, ending with free weights.

For his finale, he was doing 2 sets of 15 chest presses with a 40-pound barbell. A 40-pound barbell looks about as feeble as they come but it was still a mighty challenge challenge for Daddio.

As he struggled to make it through the second set, he noticed a buff guy taking the bench next to him. In no time flat, the guy knocked out twice as many reps, twice as quickly, with a 75-pound dumbbell … in each hand.

That hurt more than the weights, and brought back a painful memory from Sunday, when Daddio heard a spectator holler, “Look at that skeleton!”

Now, there could have been a guy in a skeleton costume just behind (Daddio was too tired to turn around and see) or it could have been an observation on Daddio being a “skinny scarecrow.”

For this bag of bones, maybe it’s time to stick to the weight work for a while. Even though it’s too late for a love tap on that spectating bully.