An amusing anti-running screed on one of those lame Yahoo Answer pages

“I gave up running because it’s a filthy exercise. You sweat profusely, your legs hurt and feel like lead after. You go just a short distance and it doesn’t knock off nearly enough weight to justify the pounding your body takes. You feel like your insides have been jolted after just a half hour of jogging. I swim 50 laps in a pool instead now. Anyone else quit running for the same reasons and switch to swimming in a pool instead? You pious running aficionados are dead wrong. Running will kill you and don’t forget you can never stop. You have to run for life. You miss a day and all the weight goes right back on. And you lose a horribly small amount of weight considering how high impact running is. Swimming is much more enjoyable. It feels good. And I swim in an indoor pool so I don’t have to worry about the winter.”