Ear Bud Survey

Calling all MacRunners! Please help a very indecisive distance runner with a very expensive decision. I’ve been through many pairs of headphones since I started running, and I’ve recently realized that the “middle of the road” pairs are no longer cost effective. So many have been ruined due to rainstorms, excessive wind, weird run-ins with race tech, etc. etc., that I’m totally done buying replacements in the $50-100 range. I’ve been using cheap headphones for the last few months, but as we head into summer and eventually the fall marathon training season, I’m ready to take the plunge and try a cushy (read: expensive) wireless pair.

I’m looking for a set that’s under $200, comfortable, and that will stay in my (relatively small) ears, with a good but not noise-canceling sound quality—gotta stay safe on those dark NYC runs. And now, the contenders:


Models Price Fit Battery Life Sound Mic Etc.
Bose SoundSport Wireless $149 In-ear, with cord 6 hours Good Yes
Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless $199 In-ear, with cord 5 hours Excellent Yes Built-in heart rate sensor
Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless $199 In-ear, cordless 5 hours (10 w.  charging case) Excellent Yes “Find My Buds” tracking feature
Apple Airpods $185 In-ear, cordless 5 hours (24 w. charging case) Good Yes Access to Siri
JBL Free Truly Wireless $149 In-ear, cordless 4 hours (20 w. charging case) Good Yes
Jaybird RUN In-Ear Wireless $179 In-ear, with cord 12 hours Excellent Yes Customized sound; tracking feature
Under Armour Wireless $98 In-ear, with cord 5 hours Good Yes
Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate $120 In-ear, with cord 8 hours Good Yes
66 Audio BTS Pro $99 Over-the-ear 40 hours Excellent Yes Music-control app


Thoughts? Feelings? Click around for more info via the links above and help a fellow runner out! Cast your vote here.