Black & Blue (& Purple)


I have a sad running story to share. I had a pretty successful summer of running until Tuesday, Aug 2. I had been getting up and out at 5:30 a.m. for a two-mile run before making it to my train and my desk at 8. Not super-impressive mileage, but I was in a good frequent running pattern several days a week.

I have not run since then, because that morning I tripped on the sidewalk about a mile from my house and broke my finger. I think this is a fall we have all hadโ€”one of those where you fly through the air, land hard, and hope like hell that no one saw you. This time, my fall was broken (literally) by my left pinkie.

I knew right away the damage was done. Immediately my finger started to swell and I was not able to move my pinkie away from my ring finger. The finger, along with all of the bloody scrapes on my left palm, shoulder, and shin were all stinging. One trip to the urgent care, then to a hand specialist, and I am still sporting a large cast two weeks later.

The real sad part (in addition to not running in 14+ days) is the timing of my cast. My family and I are going to Bermuda this Sunday and I am keeping my fingers crossed (ha) that my doctor will remove the cast and replace it with something smaller and more manageable before we leave.

So my advice, don’t break bones before tropical vacations and maybe pick your feet up a little higher than I did on that morning.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Christine Jaeger lives on Long Island with her (marathon-running) husband and two children.