100 bridgeI spent some time in San Francisco for the first time last week and really loved it. I saw the Giants play the Cubs, ate some delicious food, and ran across the Golden Gate Bridge.

A friend of mine suggested I drive across it, but I thought, “Why do that when I can run?”

It was a longer run than I planned for (don’t you love it when that happens?), but it was awesome. I ran along the water, past Alcatraz (and thought about The Rock, obviously), through some parks, up some pretty righteous hills, and when I finally got to the bridge I was like, “Damn, this running path is narrow!” It was also suuuuper windy and full of tourists, but I loved it.

But why tell you about it when I can show you? I took a video of it while I was running, and thankfully never fell off the path, ran into any bikers, or dropped my phone into the bay. Pardon the poor quality, but hopefully it gives you a sense of what it was like if you’ve never had the chance to run across it yourself!


100 andrew Andrew Arnold hails from Texas and runs, lives, cartoons, and designs stuff like books in the NYC.