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Curl up with an issue or two of the newsletter produced by RunDaddio for MacRunners

166 (5/4) A first half, a morning run through the wild, the importance of under-achieving

165 (4/20) May Run for Refugees Charity Challenge, Harlem Run club, wireless headphone survey

163 (3/23) Glute amnesia, couch-to-5K training, mindful run coaching

162 (3/9) Tips for the new season, the most essential piece of equipment, gym membership breakdown

161 (2/23) Tips and advice on sticking to your New Year’s hopes and goals

160 (2/2) Treadmill comedy, an icy journey, a Bears Ears relay

159 (1/19) A triathlete’s weekly workout, a milestone in track (and baseball) history, the desk-cycle

158 (1/5) Runner resolutions, turtles on treadmills, the Western States race, bridge-running


157 (12/15) 2018 NYC Marathon Charity Team, sucking it up for a streak, stroller tips

156 (12/1) Spring Race Training Group, the importance of hot hands, a sock habit, a ghost runner

155 (11/17) A Shalane workout, running teas, an unlucky race journey, running selfie contest

154 (11/3) Pre-NYC jitters, post-race pride, a nicely nasty new race format

153 (10/28) A running site for travelers, a man in tights, speed golf

152 (10/6) A mystery race in Puerto Rico, the perils of Vitamin I, pyramid training

151 (9/22) Get Stronger at the movies, a running hero who doesn’t run, medal donation

150 (9/8) Running like the Dickens, shoelace upkeep, a co-worker’s proud 5K

149 (8/18) With a pup who won’t run, a co-worker’s 500-mile trek, recovery ketchup

148 (8/4) A child champ, a Fitbit puzzle, a collegiate tragedy, a bunch of podcasts and vids 

147 (7/21)  A terrific trail race, the truth about the ten-percent rule, a NASA runner 

146 (7/7) A classic read, a running bird, a marathoner’s existential crisis

145 (6/16)  advice on getting up out of your chair, a 5K victory, a steep sprint

144 (6/2) 20-day June Challenge, a place to chase your avatar, wogging

143 (5/19) Taking a holiday from running, a Croc racer, final weeks of 5K training plan

142 (5/5) A salute to a running buddy, Nike’s sub-2-hour marathon attempt, weeks 7 & 8 of our couch-to-5K training plan

141 (4/21) A walker’s triumph, the four types of runners (as seen on The Honeymooners), weeks 5 & 6 of our 5K training plan.

140 (4/7) Weeks 3 & 4 of our spring 5K training plan, an author’s cross-fit adventure, an analog training app.  

139 (3/24) Weeks 1 & 2 of our spring 5K training plan, a Manhattan ramble.

138 (3/17) More truth about toe condoms, angry running, a history of stretching.

137 (3/3) A wish to become a better runner/person, toe condoms, an NC runner-hater

136 (2/17) Hoka advice, powering through winter, things not to do before a run

135 (2/3) Valentine gift guide for your running buddy, Steve’s “Run to 30,” a bit of doggeral

134 (1/20) A hotel chain dedicated to running, an awkward workout

133 (1/6) New Year fitness resolutions, a toddler on the run