In Praise of Streaking

I decided to do the Runner’s World streak this year entirely on a whim. I spotted a tweet about it in my feed on Thanksgiving after I’d already returned from a morning run and thought “why not?” If you think I wasn’t already questioning my logic by the time I returned from my Black Friday morning shopping trip, think again. The RW streak entails running for at least one mile a day, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve—and between unexpected snowstorms and countless holiday commitments, it goes without saying that this time of year isn’t the most conducive to easily getting out the door every day. But maybe that’s also what makes it so appealing? This isn’t my first streak, and it probably won’t be my last. I never could turn down a challenge.

Five best reasons to keep up the holiday streak, even when the tree is lit up and the apartment is oh-so-cozy:

1. First and foremost, as mentioned I am extremely competitive—with myself more than anyone else. I’ll be damned if I’m going to quit something I started.

2. That marathon I signed up for is quickly approaching, and the streak gets me out the door every day, even if not for quite as many miles as I’d hoped and dreamed for.

3. Streaking teaches me to run tired. Even if it’s truly just a mile a day, a streak guarantees I’m never running on fresh legs, which is great for marathon training. This is also a piece I somehow always forget about until about day 7 or 8,  when I’d really just like a full on sloth-style rest day, but I’m stuck lacing up and heading out the door for at least a quick eight or so minutes (because, see reason #1).

4. Getting out there for even just a few minutes every day makes me feel that much better about all the extra wine and cheese plates going around this time of year. Speaking of which…

5. Cheese. Gouda, Parmesan, Brie. Really this should count as more than one reason.