61 T.P.M.

The other day I was stuck on the dreadmill, pounding out seven miles of tempo work, bored out of my gourd. After mile 3, I started counting the taxis flowing uptown on Park Avenue South, as they passed my perch on the second floor of the gym. By the time the treadmill’s odometer …

Fast Friends

Best way to get faster is to run faster, with faster people, who go a little faster, so you have to run a little faster to keep up, and eventually you’ll, you know, get a little faster.

(Photo shows Shorter, Pre, and other fast friends, stomping through a shakeout run prior to a race in Paris.)

Get Lost

Coach Randy wants you to fool yourself today on your long run. You know how you always start your watch on the corner by your building? Today, wait until you’re underneath the highway, at Macri Park, then turn it on, so the distance calculations of the little creature who lives …